HMS Tara (SS Hibernia)

SS Hibernia was built by William Denny and Brothers, Dumbarton, Scotland for the London and North Western Railway, entering service on the Holyhead to Ireland route in 1900.

In 1914 she was requisitioned by the Admiralty as an Armed Boarding Steamer and renamed HMS Tara. After service in the north Irish Sea she was transferred to the Mediterranean. The ships crew were largely retained with the addition of some RN and RNR officers. The ship was under the command of LNWR Master, Edward Butler Tanner and Captain Rupert Gwatkin-Williams, RN.

She was torpedoed by U-35 in Sollum Bay, Mediterranean Sea on 5 November 1915. Twelve crew members, mostly from the Engine Room, were lost during the ships sinking.The remaining 92 survivors took to the lifeboats which were then towed to Port Bardia by the U-Boat  and handed over to Senussi tribesmen as prisoners. They were marched deep into the Libyan dessert and held under very adverse conditions for over 4 months until rescued by the Duke of Westminster's Armoured Car Brigade. Unfortunately five other crew members died during the period of internment and one after rescue.

Details of crewmembers from Holyhead lost on the Tara can be found here - Holyhead War Memorial