TSS Scotia (HMT Scotia)

TSS Scotia was built by William Denny and Brothers of Dumbarton and launched in 1920. She operated with the LNWR until 1923 and then with the LMS Company serving the Holyhead to Ireland crossing. At the outset of WW2 she was taken over by the Admiralty and renamed HMT Scotia.

She was initially sent to Southhampton with Captain William Henry Hughes as Master to embark troops for France. In late May 1940 she was dispatched to Dunkirk to help rescue British and allied troops after the fall of France. She completed one crossing returning more than 3,000 British soldiers to the UK. She returned on 1 June to embark over 2,000 French troops. Whilst on the way back accross the Channel she was dive bombed by enemy planes and badly damaged. As the ship sank the Destroyer HMS Esk came alongside and rescued many soldiers and crew. Unfortunately 200 - 300 soldiers were killed or drowned. Of the crew, 35 were listed as lost. Captain W H Hughes was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC). Several members of the crew were also given awards for bravery.

Those from the town lost on the Scotia are commemorated on the Holyhead War Memorial, details of which can be found here - History Points